Tomahawk Panther
Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Combatant
Age late teens or twenties
Status Desceased
For other uses, see Tomahawk Panther.

Tomahawk Panther is a member of the criminal organization known as Panther Claw.


Tomahawk Panther resembled a young northeastern Native American girl in her late teens. She had somewhat cat like facial features and black hair. She had knee high leather boots, a top with tassels that showed her cleavage and abdomen, a skirt, and carried two large tomahawks.


Tomahawk Panther possesses high accuracy, able to to throw her tomahawk at her target and make it come back like a boomerang.


Tomahawk was an erratic girl, that didnt waste time in her kills and was direct to the point.


Tomohawk Panther was sent by Sister Jill who wanted her to capture Dr. Kisaragi, however Natsuko Aki caught wind of this and he was surrounded by a heavy police force.

Tomahawk Panther however gleefully slaughtered the policemen with her axes. She finds the Doctor in a vault with Seiji and a policeman, the policeman fires at her but she kills him as he fires, at the same time Honey and Nat-Chan arrive to find the the Doctor had been hit by some stray fire and was now dying. Enraged Honey stabs Tomahawk Panther cleanly through the neck killing her.


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