Tomahawk Panther
Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Combatant
Age Early Twenties
Status Deceased
For other uses, see Tomahawk Panther.

Tomahawk Panther was a major combatant of the criminal organisation known as Panther Claw.


Tomahawk Panther wore a tight body suit covering most of her body. Her arms resemble large axe blades. She had small sharp teeth and cat like ears.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She was able to fly and was capable of various attacks via her bladed wings which are sharp enough to cut through most materials.


Cutie Honey:Edit

Tomahawk Panther was among the many combatants summoned by Sister Jill to track down and capture Cutey Honey

Along with Sister Jill, Tomahawk Panther plotted an attack against Honey. Staging a fake robbery in a jewellery store, Tomahawk Panther disguised herself as a detective and had the Panthers dress as policemen before they all waited for Honey and her friend Seiji Hayami to arrive. While Honey quickly saw through and killed the Panther agents, Tomahawk quickly calls upon her allies and Tarantula Panther, Scissors Claw and Badfly Claw come smashing through the roof, Honey runs outside only to be attacked by Jumbo Panther. Honey flees, and while she is briefly caught by Jill, she quickly escapes into the night.

Tomahawk Panther later returns, after having joined up with Scissors and Badfly under the leadership of Iron Shadow. She takes part in the circus tent attack, but ultimately ends up getting killed by Honey shortly after she killed Scissors. Tomahawk flies over to Honey and slashes, but instead hits the headless body of Scissors and tears her allies body apart even more, Honey then leaps down and cuts Tomahawk Panther open with a sword.

Cutie Honey 90's:Edit

Tomahawk Panther makes a brief cameo right at the start of the story, appearing in a flashback sequence that looks over the many rougeish agents of Panther Claw that Honey had come across.

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