Vital statistics
Position Bodyguard and Henchman to Director Shirakawa
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Played by Tomohiro Kato
Tomohiro is one of Director Shirakawa's direct workers, near the end of debut he and Zuimaru are revealed to be bio-weapons created by Panther Claw who were recently sold to Shirakawa.

Personality and Abilities Edit

Tomohiro acts much like a complete tool, acting on Shirakawa's every order no matter how cruel and possessing no emotion whatsoever. He is armed with an electric generator tied to his back to both torture and attack inmates who break Shirakawa's rules, channeling them through a pair of pliers.

History Edit

Tomohiro along with Sugimaru came with their boss Shirakawa after he became in charge of the Kanto Girls Rehabilitation Center. Tomohiro would follow Shirakawa's instructions to torture prisoners who did not follow Shirakawa guidelines with Sugimaru. When Miki was brought in to be tortured but other inmates tried to escape, Tomohiro was sent after them setting a room on fire through his cables. Miki who had escaped and had become Sister Miki fought Tomohiro and after catching him off guard proceeded to beat him to death.

Trivia Edit

  • Tomohiro shares the same name as the actor who plays him, Tomohiro Kato.
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