Vital statistics
Position Fortune Teller
Age (Elderly)
Status Active
Played by Hirokatsu Saito
Toneruno is a member of the homeless association known for his abilities in fortune telling.

Personality Edit

Toneruno is a mild mannered person who likes the company of others but can be rather judgmental when drunk.

Abilities Edit

Toneruno possesses a unique fortune telling ability that has him eat fish bones to predict an outcome, all of which have a reputation of their extreme accuracy.

History Edit

Toneruno came to the Hayami Detective Agency for a meal while telling Seiji's fortune on that he won't get a girlfriend. While everyone discusses the events that have transpired they eventually make a spy from Panther Claw snap. However he is quickly incapacitated by his bad hip. Toneruno then tells Honey's fortune that foresees bad events occur. But Honey doesn't seem too fazed by this.

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