Toshio Tanaka
Hat head
Vital statistics
Position Salaryman
Age (Young Adult)
Status Alive
Toshio Tanaka is a salaryman working for Muya Nagaiwa's real estate agency. He was going to be a victims of Nagaiwa and Mikio Hiruta's scheme until he was rescued.

Appearance Edit

Tanaka is an attractive young man with an athletic build, dark hair and eyes, and straight facial features.

Personality Edit

Tanaka is an average minded person who is easily startled by a very surprising turn of events, like when his boss attempts to inhabit his body.

History Edit

Tanaka came from out of Tokyo for work and came under Nagaiwa's real estate as a recruit. He was later sedated and put in Hiruta's lab for the project that would transfer Nagaiwa's consciousness into Tanaka's body. Seiko Hayami and her assistant Hisashi Hanyu find him and before Hiruta and Nagaiwa come into the room, Seiko has oral sex with Tanaka while he was still unconscious. When Tanaka woke up when Nagaiwa and Hiruta came in and explained their plan, Seiko and Cutey Honey as Mazinger Honey rescue him while taking out Nagaiwa and his robots.

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