Unicorn Panther
Vital statistics
Position Witch Soldier
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Unicorn Panther was a member of the global terrorist group known as Panther Claw.


Unicorn Panther was a burly, hunched over woman with an ugly face. She had large bulky gauntlets and claws, her helmet jutted spikes and a large singular horn. He boots were lined with spikes.


Seemingly Unicorn Panther could use her horn and large claws for combat.


  • Unicorn Panther was one of four designs created for the 1973 Cutie Honey anime series that never made it into the final product. The others being Mole Panther, Kangaroo Claw, and Buzzsaw Panther. Out of said four, only Buzzsaw and Unicorn have made appearances in subsequent material.
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