Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Leader
Age (Adult)
Status Unknown
An unnamed executive took command of the remnants of Panther Claw after it fell apart due to the Flash Girls.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The executive is a woman with a slim figure, long dark hair, and often dressed in a blue pantsuit. Her transformation gives her a Panther-like appearance with black fur on parts of her body, increased bone mass from her back, large blank eyes, and razor sharp teeth and claws. The executive seeks to bring Panther Claw to new heights after its fallout, fighting its primary enemy Cutie Honey.

Abilities Edit

The executive possesses heightened strength thanks to her panther-like form with her claws and teeth giving her an edge.

History Edit

The executive fought against Honey and Seiji Hayami when they fought against her combatants. Honey fights her to a standstill, but her fate is unknown.

Trivia Edit

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