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Vital statistics
Position Warden,
Re-education teacher
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Deceased
Played by Aki Hashimoto

Kito is the warden of the Kanto Girls Rehabilitation Center, besides overseeing the inmates she serves as an instructor for the re-education classes.


Kito as part of her job as warden puts up a front as a highly disciplined and strict person, willing to break up a fight by any means as allowed by regulations. However, she is also cares for the inmates' well being trying to protect them from Director Shirakawa's torturous punishments and begged for them to be spared.


Kito was first seen bringing Miki Saotome to her room upon transferring to the Kanto Center. As Shirakawa becomes the new director, Kito continues her job as warden and teacher while seeing Shirakawa's punishments after an inmate accidentally broke one of the rules. Trying to protect the inmates, she ends up getting the same treatment as Miki is brought in. As she begs for Miki to be released, Kito was electrocuted killing her.