Wataru Todoroki
Vital statistics
Position Police Detective
Age (Young Adult)
Status Active
Wataru Todoroki is a police detective who originally appeared in the Cutey Honey 90s manga as a major supporting character who supports Honey Kisaragi in her new battle against Panther Claw. In Cutey Honey Tennyo Densetsu, his nephew, Heita Todoroki is a main character.


Todoroki is a young man with short black hair and black eyes. He usually wears a suit and tie along with a trench coat.


Despite first looks Todoroki is a competent detective, using great power of deduction at crime scenes to figure out events at crime scenes. He is also quite capable with high-performance guns.


Todoroki is a decorated officer who is dedicated to keeping the peace by looking into anyone suspicious including the Hayami Group and had a tough time believing in Honey and the existence of Panther Claw. However, after an encounter with Tarantula Claw he starts to support Honey in any way he can. Todoroki is also rather perverted and is highly attracted to young women such as Honey.


Cutie Honey 90's:Edit

Todoroki was looking into the cases about murders and heists by a mysterious group until his superior told him to go to the Hayami Group for answers. Todoroki was suspicious because of the rumors surrounding the group but meets its real owner Honey. He is easily attracted to her appearance but hearing her explanation on Panther Claw made him doubt her and the entire Hayami Group. Later when a riot ensued, Todoroki was attacked by Tarantula Panther who tried to rape him until Honey rescued him. Todoroki decided to help Honey with his skills as a detective, able to deduce the culprit of a murder at a film studio as the recently turned Kekko Kamen and helping Honey out in the battle against Sister Jill.


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