Yoko Mizuno
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age (Adolescent)
Status Deceased
Played by Takao Ayatsuki

Yoko Mizuno is a student at Shirobara Academy until meeting an unfortunate end.

Personality Edit

After getting a large sack of money, Yoko became greedy and wanted to show authority over the other students over her school. When offering expensive gifts to others she has them either join their group and do anything she says no matter how embarrassing.

History Edit

Yoko found a bag full of money left around as part of a gambling game by Panther Claw. Yoko used the money to buy expensive items to impress other and get people to be around her. Getting the school delinquent Hiroko Mira and her friends to her side, she tries to recruit Natsuko but when Honey comes in and Honey agrees to do everything she says. While out shopping, Yoko decides to get more money but when gas erupts from the bag she suffocates to death.

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