Mr. and Mrs. Kenmochi
Vital statistics
Position Adoptive Parents of Yuki and Miki
Age N/A
Status Deactivated
Played by Masami Horiuchi (Mr. Kenmochi)

Yuki's Parents are the wealthy couple that adopted Yuki after Dr. Kisaragi knew she would die from the Honey System side effects. It is later revealed that they are actually androids created by Dr. Kisaragi to look after Yuki and hide all traces of any other trace of Yuki's real family.

Personality Edit

Yuki's father is a protective older man who went into a panic when Yuki was kidnapped and even had thoughts of brutally killing her kidnapper with a hunting rifle. Yuki's mother is always seen dressed in a kimono and tends to her daughter's needs even during her harebrained plans. After they were reprogrammed by Karasugawa, they doted on Miki Saotome endlessly and were distraught when she decided to leave.

History Edit

Yuki's parents were created by Dr. Kisaragi to give Yuki a life away from him as her Honey System was beginning to malfunction. The next few years had them raise Yuki and send her to a prestigious school until Yuki began her murderous plans to live after finding out about Dr. Kisaragi's fate and her shortening life. They were repurposed by Karasugawa when Miki was revived to be her family. However Miki regained her memories of Honey and left the manor causing the Kenmochi couple to deactivate with their house.

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