Vital statistics
Position Student
Age (Adolescence)
Status Active
Played by Elena Abe
Yurie is a student at Hamaguri Academy, also making her a target of the principal, Mayumi Karasugawa's affections.

Personality Edit

Yurie is passionate about her studies having been going through the difficult math equations and correctly answering them. She later becomes seduced by Karasugawa and is among the many students who have been enraptured by her.

History Edit

Yurie was called into the principal's office during one day where she answered questions for Karasugawa, before she noticed a strange question inside. As she read the question out loud, Karasugawa seduces Yurie with a veil and an egg she swallowed. Word about her seduction got out, causing another girl student to get jealous. Her returning affections however could not be returned after Karasugawa's encounter with Miki.

Trivia Edit

  • The end credits only refers to Yurie as Hamaguri Student with only another student referring to her by name.
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