Vital statistics
Position Bodyguard of Director Shirakawa
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Played by Zuimaru Awashima
Zuimaru is a bodyguard working for Director Shirakawa along with Tomohiro. It was revealed near the end of their debut that he and Tomohiro are actually Panther Claw bio-weapons recently purchased by Shirakawa.

Personality and Abilities Edit

Zuimaru is loyal to Shirakawa following his instructions to the mark due to the modifications made to him. Zuimaru when executing inmates and interlopers uses a batter pack he carries with a pair of iron rods to electrocute targets. His eyes also change color when his killer drive is activated.

History Edit

Zuimaru had joined Shirakawa when he became director. He would join Shirakawa in torturing inmates who broke his three rules, even the ones broken by accident. He also had Warden Kito tortured when she tried to interfere. When Miki Saotome was brought in, Kito was electrocuted first. When Kayo Miyata came to help Miki, Zuimaru attacked her. Miki had then broke out of her restrains and transformed into Sister Miki in anger. Zuimaru attacked her but Miki easily defeated him breaking his neck after striking him to a wall.

Trivia Edit

  • Zuimaru shares the same name with his actor Zuimaru Awashima.
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